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Fort Worth, TX

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RFinder - Android Repeater App.

»Android - Repeater App

I haven't seriously used this app for awhile as it was buggy and slow.

Then I started getting E-Mails demanding another $9.99 to renew my subscription... The original price was fairly high for an android app, and throwing a subscription model on top of it was fairly absurd.

So I submitted a review.

This is what I got:

On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:37 AM, wrote:
> Jason...
> If you had an issue with RFinder re performance it would have been
> reasonable to discuss it as a support issue, not trash us in an open forum.
> You may have a specific issue on your device. No support request.
> Not to mention you are a moderator on RR. Not what I would consider
> responsible behavior for someone of your position. Were you trying to teach
> me a little lesson of some sort?
> As far as price...we are reasonable. Less than what we consider our
> competitors. Not sure what you are thinking there, unless 83 cents/month is
> exorbitant for you...I suspect you waste that by the time you leave home
> every day.
> I respectfully ask you pull your posting on Play. I can't imagine Lindsay
> would want you to trash other directories in an open forum as one of his
> representatives. I did not cc him on this although it's tempting. If you
> don't work with me I will discuss it with him.
> We have worked hard to produce what we have. One star, really?! 178
> countries, six platforms...do you have any idea what it takes to create
> that?
> Happy New Year...73's...please pull.
> Bob
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I hadn't been "Trashing him" on a public forum... I submitted a review... so Now, I will review it wherever I can. This app is a rip off... If I had known when I bought it that it would cost MORE money down the line (it IS just an app for a smartphone), there is no way in hell I would have bought it.
I'm tired of killing stupid people just trying to do my job and go home!

Charlotte, NC
Gotta love a threat...