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Haughton, LA
reply to jdmm72

Re: New reason to raise cable bills

Every time I've called, both satellites have been EXTREMELY higher to get the shows I wanted, but only after the first 12 months. There was also them wanting money upfront for the equipment. And the 2 year contract. But even if they are absorbing the cost increase, it's clearly made back up in the year end price increase. If you want me to believe that SL isn't making money hand over foot and trying to make it look like they are being hurt here, then they need to start posting the facts.

But even going to greener pastures is only a mild worry at best. From where I sit and available tv options, my money won't be going to a competitor, it'll be buying an antenna. Besides, haven't you seen all the articles about how cable cutting isn't actually happening? LOL

And I sure that some companies are absorbing the instant increase, but watching the prices go up over time, it looks like they are covering the increase withing a year or two with far more gradual price increases. I mean just in my life time i can remember going to mcdonalds for half the total price, lol
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Nitro, WV
After you factor out the "new customer" subsidy, Suddenlink is very competitive with Dish. I would consider switching after my contract. Oh, and I don't like contracts.