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Salem, OR

not surprised

Limited basic tv has gone up to 14 or so with the 2.50 HD tv fee. I don't remember when they raised it from $12.

Fun story with that upgrade when they made me get a box for just basic tv and HD last October (tv signal had been crud for 1-2 months before then). Paid the fee to have the box mailed to me ($15 mail or $17 pickup- at least the phone CS guy was easy to work with) then the box wouldn't show most channels so I had to drive down to the local service store anyway. Who opened 10mins late no less. Combined with some odd wiring issues in my house (previous resident had Dish), the only decent connection for tv is thru hdmi port. All sorts of weak volume and signal issues otherwise. Not much incentive to upgrade my tv service after all that.

Internet seems to be staying put at $51.95 for Performance level. My bill says it goes up to $64.95 from $62 (if you have internet service only).


Salem, OR
So I found an old bill today from 2007. Modem rental was 3.00 and HSI Performance was 42.95. Limited basic was 10.44, now $14 plus HD fee if u want HD.