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[KY] Best deal for Internet ONLY

Hi Guys-
I'm a LONG time (20 yrs) Mediacom customer currently bundling net/tv/phone. We have 1 HD-DVR and 2 set top boxes. I have the "Star Package" upgrade which is a joke.
Anyways....I have come to the conclusion that today's TV is mostly a pile-o-crap. (and to get Nat-Geo or Science channel I have to pay even MORE $$$) GRRRRRRR! Where is ALACARTE TV???

I am considering dropping TV-DVR-Phone service and only keeping internet. (Kids mostly use Netflix and cell phone anyway)

Another pet peeve is the display of simply sick XXX titles in the guide.......my kids don't need to see this crap!!! I dunno WTH Mediacom is even thinking putting that type of FILTH in the guide.

So what is the best price I can expect to get for internet only?
My bill says I have "High Speed Service-VIP" whatever that is.


Columbia, MO

set up a parental control on the digital boxes, you can make it where those XXX titles that you dislike so much just say Adult Program in the guide.

To set up the “parental code lock”
1. On the digital remote, press the menu button.
2. Highlight lock icon or "Parental Control" in main menu.
3. Highlight "Locks Set Up" and press ok.
4. You will be prompted to enter your new PIN. Enter any four digits you will remember but others will not know.
5. You will be prompted to re-enter the code. Type in the same number again.
6. A screen with different types of locks will appear. You can choose to lock channels, movie ratings, TV ratings, or particular programs. Scroll
through the different types by using the up and down arrows.
7. Use the left and right arrows to select what channel, rating, etc that you want to lock.
8. When you find one, press the ok button. A lock icon will appear to show that channel, program, or rating has been locked.
9. Continue until all desired locks are done.
10. Hit the exit button on the remote to go back to television viewing.


Dubuque, IA
reply to schlupsa31

I don't know what specific priced "deals" you might get as an existing customer, but just be aware that the cost likely quoted to you will NOT include the $15 (or it $17?) administrative fee - or what others call the internet-only penalty - that will get tacked onto the price automatically. This is an overhead cost for customers with just one service that does not include television subscriptions. Also, depending on how many cable modems you are currently using, you may have to replace your modem with a non-phone version - either by purchase or by the $5 rental cost.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

Hello schlupsa31,

Feel free to private message me with your account or phone number and I would be happy to look into this for you.


Columbia, MO
reply to schlupsa31

I agree on those XXX program titles, would be handy if their was a hide channel by rating toggle. Despite setting up a password for PPV, its embarrassing to be scrolling through titles in front of company and see those things pop up. Or leave a kid alone with our remote...

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

The direction "Spurge" posted is the correct way to block those titles.