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Waiting For A Stanley Cup

Granite City, IL

[CATV] Does anyone here use TiVo?

First a little backstory:
I know Charter has their own DVR, however, at the time I ordered my first Series 2 TiVo, Charter did not have DVRs available in my area. Since then I have also purchased a TiVoHD. Both have been working just fine, Series 2 with cable box to tune in premiums/digital stations and the HD with cable card and tuning adapter.

However, on 12/21 I added Charter Internet and did a self install. At that time, they change my package from Digital Home/Digital View/Charter Premium (Showtime & Movie Channel, HBO & Cinemax) to Charter TV Select/Silver Package. While I lost TMC and the Encore stations, I gained back stations that were in the Digital View Plus group (BBC America, Sundance, IFC, etc.) To me this was an even trade as the faster internet connection would enable better streaming via Netflix, Amazon, Epix, etc.

Here is the issue:
I seem to have lost many of the "basic" cable stations, such as the local stations. The HD versions in the "hundreds" range come in just fine.

A tech was called out on 12/22 to troubleshoot the lost channels issue. While working on the issue, he noted that mine was one of a couple of cable card calls he had. He called the next job to see if they were having the same issues and they were...using TiVo and HD comes in fine but not locals.

It should be noted that the channels come in just fine on the Series 2 as well as a direct connection to the TV.

At that point, the tech said it was most likely a larger problem on Charter's end and left. However, that call was after he did a lot of troubleshooting inside and outside the house. He was here for what seemed like a couple hours.

Here is the question:
I did not know if anyone here was having any issues like this and/or what my next course of action should be? The channels are still out and while most of the ones out are available in HD, not all of them are.

Kennewick, WA
Your best bet is to go to your local Charter Office.

When your plan was changed, they did not properly "authorize" your TiVo units.

This has happened to me several times in the past and the Charter Direct Forum was always able to get it fixed in a short period of time. No truck roll is needed, it is a simple "switch" in the software.
(aka Eric)

Waiting For A Stanley Cup

Granite City, IL
Well the tech that came out did chat to "someone" and they were verifying the cable card info and such. It seemed like everything was being seen correctly on the other end. I'm guessing maybe the "authorize" part is something different?

I guess the local office would be a better bet than calling or using the online chat feature? I know when I tried the chat feature before, that ended up with the tech at my house.

It's a shame that the direct forum was done away with just as I start to have issues. I guess the phone and chat are just the "read a prompter" first level tech support and do not escalate to anything but a truck roll?

I'd hate for Charter to think my case is closed when I'm still having issues.


Duncanville, TX
From my experience with a cable card and TiVo premiere is that the tech that visited my house knew someone at his dispatch that could get my cable card activated. I would just have them come out till someone gets it resolved, this is their problem. I also miss the online help you could get in the forums. Hope they get your TiVo going on all channels soon.

Yet another genxer
Prattville, AL
reply to BluesFan
This is where the direct forum could easily sort out your problem.
Since they no longer exist file a complaint:

Choose "Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues"

It will take a little while -- but it will get escalated through
charter and sorted.


Greenville, SC
reply to BluesFan
This doesn't seem like s SDV issue but has your region implemented SDV or do you have the SDV box with your TiVo?

Waiting For A Stanley Cup

Granite City, IL
Yes, it is cable card with a tuning adapter.


Nome, AK
reply to BluesFan
If you are receiving all of your premium channels, and all of the channels in the "Digital View," and "Digital View Plus" tiers with no issues, then your CableCARD and tuning adapter are working fine.

Note that every TiVo requires a CableCARD and a Tuning Adapter. The CableCARD tells the TiVo how to decrypt the channels that are encrypted. The Tuning Adapter aids the TiVo with Switch Digital Video (SDV).

How many TiVos do you have?
Do all of them have the required CableCARD(s) and Tuning Adapters?
If they do and you're still having issues, you might want to call them and ensure that they have you on the Simultrans/Simulcast lineup for your area.