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Kansas City, MO

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reply to motorola870

Re: upstream bonding/ 5 or more downstream thread.

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Our speedtests fluctuate from ~30 Mbps to ~58 Mbps using TW's speedtest site. »speedtest.peakview.rr.com/ Today is a slow day for some reason.

Using speedtest.net we always achieve lower numbers.


FYI, we have a small business router (Cisco SA540) with Trend Micro ProtectLink Web functionality enabled. Thus all of our web traffic is funneled through Trend Micro. It does not slow down our Internet speeds at all, but it does cause high ping test results, as well as, lower speed test results.

We consistently achieve ~58000 Kbps (or ~7.1 MB/s) download speeds in real life. We rely heavily on VPN (over SSL). Even will all the overhead we always achieve ~55500 Kbps (or ~6.8 MB/s) download throughput. Uploading fluctuates more, but settles down around 5000+ Kbps after a while though.