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There's sand in my tool bag
reply to nrobot80

Re: Service Electric 'new' hookup charge

The loophole is they charge your for the install, which covers what's needed, rather than just for installing a drop.
Ex-Comcast Tech at the Beach. I speak for myself, not my former employer.


Tamaqua, PA

The special they're running includes free internet install, supposedly. I'm going to need extra cable run inside my house to reach where the modem needs to be. I thought about buying a 50 ft cable to have on hand in case they try telling me the install isn't free if they have to run that new cable inside, as long as I can return it to the store if I don't need it. I'll ask the 'construction' guy who will be pulling the new cable outside if he thinks I'll have any trouble with the free install inside.

I do still think it's ridiculous to be charged for them to be able to provide service to me. I can see if we needed line run up to my pole outside, but that's not the case. That said, don't really think there's a way to avoid it, oh well.


Union City, GA

If they quoted you a price and gave you something in writing that noted a free install I'd hold on to it. If you currently don't have service at your house then a tech does need to come out and connect you at the pole, even if that involves running a new drop. As far as the inside wiring goes I'd let the tech do what he has to do to get your internet up an running. You are able to run your own cable inside your house, be advised if a tech comes to your house because you have trouble getting online then you will be charged for a failed self install. Being a former cable tech, 99% of the failed self installs I went to were because the customer ran their own wiring, the data signal runs at higher frequency's so the wiring and fittings need to be in great condition in order to have good connectivity. Personally I think the self install is a way for companies to make more money, they know most people can't install the service right, so when they can't get online and call for support then send a tech out to get the customer connected, then charge $99 or more for the truck roll. But that makes too much sense to send a tech in the first place.


Tamaqua, PA

I'm just looking at picking up a cable for less than $20 to have on hand in case I'm told the free internet install is voided by not having it completely pre-wired. I'll just throw it on the floor until I can run it through our drop ceiling myself. Trying to avoid any more surprise fees.


Tamaqua, PA

Apparently the $70 I'm paying for the underground install covers all install, so I'm not even saving any money on an install with their special. I'm also scheduled for install on Jan 16th, over 4 weeks after calling them on Dec 17th. Pretty pathetic IMO.