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Waterloo, ON
reply to Drecca

Re: [Internet] High latency in world of warcraft


I'm on Rampage. And I think the problem is more likely to happen when there are multiple people playing the game at the same time. What we do is to stop the use of p2p of the downloader. And in the network settings, uncheck both the ultimate network and use ivp6. Try if that will make it any better for you.

North York, ON
Wow's p2p downloader is only active when actively patching, otherwise it's not running.

If your game however is damaged and needs repairing while in-game, the repair on demand (ie a direct download from a CDN, ala Netflix) will kick in and download good copies of images that are corrupted on your system.. This setting is set by default to use up to 33% of your internet connection's total bandwidth, but is required so the game engine doesn't crash from the corrupted images.

If the repair on demand is kicking in and causing a problem, log out of wow. Open the Launcher, open last option in the menu bar - should be "Help" or something. Last option at the bottom should be Repair Game. Run that. It's the out of game repair...

If you run that every once in a while, you shouldn't get the in-game repair on demand running as often, affecting your gameplay.
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