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Beaumont, AB
reply to Baud1200

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

said by Baud1200:

said by Doonz See Profile
Yeah your a liar.

BTW im in Edmonton and Have no trouble saturating 250/15 and no performance issues on any sites.

Enough one line troll posts already. Lets see who the liar here is... You live in Beaumont, that's not Edmonton and is like comparing cable in Edmonton to cable in Sherwood Park.
But since you insist on trolling here, troll this link and see for yourself what level of YouTube streaming service Shaw provides.

(youtube clip)

Actually I have residence's in summerside, millwoods and currently my brother as well in summerside. And there is no issue. Im guessing it most likely a problem with you pc



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You're guessing wrong....
There's more than one PC, and they all have the same results with or without connecting directly to the Cisco modem itself or using a switch/router in between. 2 of them are HP proliant servers, proprietary enterprise class hardware with no changes. Video taken above was from a 3 day old windows 7 install on a x980 CPU w/SLI 580GTX, its not using no cheap realtek onboard NIC either. Even different cables have been tried and everything upgraded to cat6.
» ··· ess.html showing 220/13 at this time yet the YouTube still suffers.