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Toronto, ON

ZyXel USG50 - failover / failback

Hi Folks:

I am a newbie to this forum, please bear with me. I am looking to replace a HotBrick dual wan router and have been looking at the zyXel USG50. The one necessary feature I need is failover / failback between wan1 and wan2 while still being able to route traffic across both wan1 and wan2 when they are both active. I believe this router can do that, but just trying to make sure before I pull the trigger and purchase.

For clarification purposes what I require it to do is:

a) Use both WAN connections simultaneously (I have two different ISP providers) and specify which computers on my network use WAN1 and which use WAN2
b) In the event of a WAN failure, computers which are specified to use the failed WAN should be automatically switched to the WAN which is still active.
c) When the failed WAN connection comes back online the computers specified to use that WAN should be switched BACK to it automatically.

Thanks in advance to all who can help me out on this matter.

Best regards and Happy New Year to all!

Dave Melnyk


I do a, b, and c with my USG50.

Basically I have WAN interface failover with no load balancing configured and bind devices to a specific WAN interface with a policy route.

The only gotcha I've experienced is that I get kicked out of some customer VPNs when it detects the WAN IP address change when the interface I'm on fails and then kicks me out again when the failed WAN interface returns. Not much you can do about that, but still annoying.


Toronto, ON
Thanks polarisdb!

Great news ... I guess I can go ahead and purchase now.

Thanks for your time....

Best regards, Dave Melnyk


reply to DMelnyk
Good luck, it is a bit quirky but if you will not make changes very often, it will work just fine. When it is about to get to the point where you want to pull your hair out, just come back here because there a lot of helpful people here that can help you get it sorted out.