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Webster, NY
reply to Racerbob

Re: OK, we are slow again...on Extreme !

Well the nightly slowdown has begun this evening. This has to be a capacity related problem, but I an surprised to see this. I thought that all of this would be resolved with the switch to D3, etc.

North Tonawanda, NY
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Doesn't help too much if the problem lays further upstream than just the node. People in this area complain about occasional slowdowns as well with their Roadrunner service despite having DOCSIS 3.0 for a while, and I've not spent enough time figuring out if it's a node issue or a problem further upstream. A lot of them have started noticing issues when Standard and Turbo had their speed upgrades in addition to the basic plans getting a boost.

I'd have to check into that further but I hope you guys get service fixed there in Rochester soon! I suppose all of the snow WNY has had lately isn't helping things too much.

Webster, NY

Yes, well I am not complaining loudly. LOL. Hotshot and myself are just drawing attention to what we are seeing in our neighborhood. As you recall it was quite some time ago now that we had a major issue in this town. In the evenings service was pitifully slow. When they made the upgrades, everything was fantastic once again. I had 10/1 service then. We are just surprised to see it happening on D3 and Extreme because all has been well up to this point. And yes, it could be weather related for sure.

New York, NY

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reply to PCInTech

said by PCInTech:

I'm in Massena, and this morning, I've completely lost connection over 7 times that I know of. My speeds have gone to pot, and attempting speedtest to any TWC server will give me wonky download, sometime normal, sometime 1M. Uploads will time out and not complete, all levels here look normal, but yet modem keeps losing connection and reboots. Hmm.

Two outages today which brings the count up to at least four for the week - not counting the nightly 2 am outage. First one today was short but the second lasted about two hours. Keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.


Clay, NY

Make sure you call them up and tell them to give you billing credit for the outages. Even though it might be small, it all adds up.