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Fayetteville, AR

happy new slow speeds year

Another year gone by, still no resolution for slow speeds at night. So windstream, any chance this year you'll fix the slow speeds in NW Arkansas? Rhetorical question, we already know the answer.



no kidding. every time i call them, they say they are working in my area, but it never gets faster.


Fayetteville, AR

Yeah I know, I live by Durham, been hearing WS saying all of Elkins needs upgrading forever, but they never do anything.

I love torque

Senecaville, OH

1 recommendation

reply to NW_AR

All they ever keep telling me is "You're part of a latency outage (like no duh by now) and they expected ETA is XX-XX-XX (which will come and go). We are currently awaiting new equipment (this has been well over a year of this 'playing this card') which is taking longer due to unforeseen circumstance XXX (replace with Hurr Sandy, recent flooding, out CEO running out of toilet paper, etc.). We are working as quick as possible to get this issue resolved but we may have to push the ETR back further." Also, I've gotten this too "However, we are unable to complete the maintenance. If we proceed with it as is, it will cause issues with the equipment further up the network. Our engineers are working to correct this so we can proceed with the maintenance." The most recent is "We are working to get updates from the engineers on this project."

Here is to a New Year of more excuses and even more delays.