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Re: Gen 4 Speed Problem Solved

Just upgraded to Gen 4 and so far not really impressed at all, seem to have speeds close to 9000 system. I called Hughesnet and they sent a Tech out to change the transmitter and change the wiring and no improvement. I pay for max plan and I'm getting the miminuin. Is RG 6 wire still the best choice or is there a faster choice?




Same story here except we signed-up for a completely new Gen4 (no prior history with HN). Finally equipment has been replaced, re-aligned, fine-tuned by a technician. No progress...

Our "smart TV" has become a "dumb TV" as through wired line it doesn't receive enough to pull .5 mb/s feed from a news app.

Everything is pointing out to their overloaded and messed-up NOC center. Meaning - their GEN4 infrastructure has been dumped on the same ol' servers.

We are in the process of ordering Exede and eventually dump GEN4. PATHETICALLY unreliable service!