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Red Deer County, AB
reply to Baud1200

Re: [BC] Shaw is a rip-off

said by Baud1200:

said by TierX:

... it's literally f**king billions of dollars for Alberta and BC alone. Neither Shaw or TELUS is going to undertake such a thing; at least without significant cash infusion from the government.

And the gov lobbyists get them to pay it because they know that it will give them the proverbial "finger in the pie" as to the control and legal oversight of it. Remember the Gov doesn't do anything that they can't benefit from, the basic "never let a good opportunity go to waste" falls in here. This leaves us with half of the issues we have now with proposed legislation's telling us what we can and can't do. Chronie Capitalism folks.... it works real well for the companies that buddy up to the gov. lobbyists. The customer then proceeds to get tooled around by both with them backing up each others legislation's and rules. Get used to it unless we can wake up enough people to turn things around.