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Red Deer County, AB
reply to Baud1200

Re: [BC] Week-long TSI outage, no resolution: seems to be Shaw i

said by Baud1200:

Really don't know why Shaw has so many routing issues constantly. Actually I do... money. Suspect the situation is similar to that posted by ilianame

said by ilianame:

Shaw's route to certain Seattle providers takes you around to South California through Comcast routing and then back up the coast to Seattle (5000 extra km).

If that route is overloaded, you will be switched to a Peer1 route (transit for which is more expensive), and you'll get the 15ms pings to all destinations in Seattle.

I've long been arguing that Shaw should use Peer1 west coast route for all west coast requests, but it seems Shaw has a sweet bilateral deal with Comcast.

With profit being their bottom line, it will only get worse as more and more people accept this level of service, be it out of ignorance or desperation.

Wife crap in your cornflakes, amigo?


said by rustydusty:

Wife crap in your cornflakes, amigo?

No just a fed up consumer in need of a change in the quality of service paid for.


Red Deer County, AB
Get in line.