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Asus RT-N66U using TomatoUSB OpenVPN and QoS help

As the main subject implies. I just recently setup an OpenVPN connection via privateinternetaccess for my parents to get access to US Netflix.

While overall I had no issues with the setup, I noticed that the original QoS that I had setup for them to prioritize Voip and gaming (for my siblings) were pretty much shot down and left as being unclassified which caused a lot of latency issues.

I maybe just missing something simple, but from the looks of things the Tomato firmware VPN setup does not allow a selective application or IP related tunneling, but actually pushes all traffic through the VPN.

The QoS I had setup only applies with the Outbound related items. I would have thought the VPN would not interfere with this, but it seems to have some affect.

So here are a two questions I would like to get help on:

1) Is there any way to actually make QoS play properly with the VPN running at full all the time? If I need to provide information I will see if I can get it.

2) I was looking all over the net to try to get some clarification on whether there is a possibility to do selective VPN and this is what I got: »linksysinfo.org/index.php?thread ··· n.37240/ does anyone think this will actually help alleviate the issue?

I would personally like to at least get the QoS back and running as this is affecting the quality of the calls they are making. Any help would be appreciated.

- MaverickHL