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Arlington, TX
reply to mackey

Re: upstream bonding/ 5 or more downstream thread.

said by mackey:

said by VanNuysBear:

Los Angeles, CA (San Fernando Valley) 30/5

I'm also in the valley with 30/5 but we still only have 4 down 1 up


this rollout is similar to the original DOCSIS 3.0 rollout they have to make changes to each CMTS so it takes time. My area (North Texas system which consists of about 60 hubs) took 3 weeks to go from 4 down 1 up to 6 down 1 up and then upstream bonding was just activated one day I saw here at broadband reports someone in North Texas had upstream bonding so I reset my modem and I did as well and TWC later did a reboot of all modems so everyone got upstream bonding activated. TWC actually got the upgrades to 6 down 1 up in my area finished earlier than expected and I believe it had something to do with the olympics and since the upgrades were done for three consecutive weeks in July of 2012 they were trying to get the upgrades done before the olympics started as people were using the internet for watching the olympics.