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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to nitzguy

Re: [Contest] 12 Days of Giveaways Winners File

said by nitzguy:

...Calling to cancel...

Why are you cancelling the service?

...Prizes given to non-customers....I basically paid for a portion of those prizes, so I just gave money away to someone who will never be a TSI customer just because they like Facebook and all of the ill wills that come from it.

I am seriously contemplating this as my reason for cancelling, enough is enough. You know, go to bat and have great service, I appreciate that, but then to give money away to people with absolutely zero ROI?...Bad move TSI, bad move.

I'd like to see how they fill that out in their cancellation tracker....and its not like I don't have 2 accounts, they know this...I had a choice, and when I signed up with my second account, I chose TSI, I could have chosen eBox, or Acanac or even went with Bell themselves...but I chose to stick with TSI...and this in turn is how they repay me....

I guess DSLR doesn't get as much press as say Facebook...maybe I should update my status with this and see what happens...nothing, because nobody actually looks at facebook, just pie in the sky Ivory Tower types who say "woooooo, 50,000 likes, we rock!...we're going to have 50k subscribers come tommorrow!".... Facebook like does not = RGU....just saying...regardless of whatever your marketing guru's have decided....from the optics, if you like numbers, just manipulate them however you want....but me, I'm truly this close to voting with my wallet. Take my $122/month and go elsewhere...

Also TSI peeps, I didn't want to bring it up because it was the holidays, but this post and all of this reminded me, and since I'm working today, as far as I'm concerned the holidays are over, but I posted in the Direct forum about a question....placed my telephone number that I wanted the request done on, provided that username and password that I use in the posting and then was informed....you have 2 addresses, which one do you want info on? It should be obvious that I want the information on the phone number I provided in the request....given I gave the correct username and password and PHONE NUMBER for that address....and not the other address.

Time to see what my options are, downtime be damned....I might make a call and see if Eastlink is as incompetent....if they are, then I have no hope...

That's because facebook won't get the "bad PR" that DSLR will and is showing on TSI as of late. All they need is the "thumbs up/Like" to show how fantastic they are :/

A lot of stupid decisions as of late and having an open draw to non customers who could care less about cancelling Rogers and moving over just won free stuff just to "act" like the "like" Teksavvy.

It's very, very, very odd.

Dare i say, Teksavvy is slowly slipping away and i feel like i'm seeing familiar traits from you know who. It doesn't become a lottery if you do it with existing customers who have been a customer at least x amount of days, this way "no purchase necessary"

Not to mention last year and the year before was customer appreciation stuff. Just think, that TV no matter if it was from a sponsor still came from many of your $1-$2 increases in one way shape or form.

Money helped TSI grow, Growth got TSI a sponsor if that's truly how they did the give away.

Any who, leaves a bad taste in the mouth and at least the new year a fresh perspective is given on a once glorious ISP