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[TWC] I am missing 3 channels now (with a digital adapter)

Is anyone else missing channels while using a digital adapter box?
I am missing 3 of them. The only one that TWC acknowledges is Tru-TV.

They are telling me that I don't need a new box but I haven't heard of one other person missing these channels.

It's been a week now and I'm getting pretty frustrated because I only had them send this box to me because of all the channels going digital and once I lost about 10 of them I wanted them back.

There's gotta be other people missing channels just suddenly in the last week.


Have you called to have them resend the account information to the box? Are you getting any error messages? Have you rebooted the box?

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By resend the info did you mean reset the device? I did have them try that, yes. I also reset it myself 2x a day and checking the channels that were missing.
They are saying that they know of an issue with TruTV signal to digital adapters but I cannot find anyone else with my issue.

Sortof Agoblin
Orchard Park, NY
Where do you live?


The Rochester NY area.

Sortof Agoblin
Orchard Park, NY
Channels removed last year such as True TV are not able to be received with a DTA. Only the channels lost this year, which I believe were CMT, C-Span, EWTN, Golf Channel and Lifetime.


Well I've called and done online chats and no one ever said I would lose that channel even with a DTA... and I lost it like the day after Christmas.
Where did you see that info? This is really confusing why no one at TWC can give me an answer.

Ok so I finally got to talk to someone with a brain - the cable guy!
He said this is an issue so I am posting it here to help anyone else with the same problem.

If you have only a Digital Adapter to unscramble the signals that used to be OTA then Oxygen is now gone permanently. Travel and TruTV were deleted by mistake and are being reprogrammed in for DTA users.
If you have a regular cable box you will receive the SDV channels and TruTV, Travel, Oxygen etc.
There is no timetable for the return of the channels.

Rosendale, NY
reply to hnnnnnnnnnng
And I am missing Current TV here in the Hudson Valley in NY.

They just pulled it, I suspect because it has been purchased by Al Jazerra.

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