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Calabash, NC

[Anime] Neon Alley - 2 months later

I think it's been close to 2 months since Neon Alley launched, and they are now launching their XBOX 360 app as well.

So I've paid for it for two months thus far to see how it progresses, and I have to say I'm happy with it. The quality has greatly improved from when it launched. I actually spent the night watching it last night, which is actually the first time I've done so, I've tuned in from time to time, only to find something playing I didn't care to watch, but last night I actually watched. Naruto Shippuden the Movie: "Will of Fire" was just starting when I put it on, so I watched it. Followed by 2 hours of Tiger and Bunny (great dub BTW) and 2 hours of Inu Yasha: The Final Act. (Kagome's new voice really isn't as good as the original)

The movie was decent, I wasn't looking to watch it actually, but there was nothing on, so I kept with it. Dub on par with the rest of Naruto. Though 2 times during the movie they broke away for ads. HUH? REALLY? Yes, really, they interrupt a movie to run ads for Rightstuf, or some stupid mosquito anime short. Bad mojo there NA, baaaad mojo!

As far as quality goes, the picture was clear and crisp throughout the entire night, a VAST improvement from the crap I got at launch. No VHS look/sound at all.

The only other issues I had was the player locked up twice, the 2nd was kinda my doing, but the first time was in the middle of Tiger and Bunny, right before an episode started. I had to exit, and reload for it to come back.

So all in all, they've come a long way from launch, and I can see myself continuing with it, as the lineup continues to grow, but I would much rather see some consistency in programming. Blocks work when you haven't watched in weeks, but when they only add one new episode a week, do you really want to re-watch the previous 3 again?