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Calabash, NC
reply to hitachi369

Re: [Anime] Fall 2012: Currently watching

Nice to see some postings in here. I had been meaning to add to this topic since it's season's end. So here goes:

Ixion Saga DT: Happy this is continuing, because it's funny as hell. Last week's was awesome. Gustave is just great. "For some reason I don't quite feel 100%, and have this bad headache.."

BTOOOM!!!: I didn't give this one a chance at the start of the season, I semi-watched the first episode, but I decided to retry it a few weeks back, and boy am I glad I did! I really enjoyed it, and the cliffhanger "Continue?" was a nice touch. I hope this continues, because it's a decent series. Though when series like Deadman Wonderland don't continue, you never know.

My little monster: One of the better series this season. I hope it continues, because it's really good, and there is more story to be told.

Say 'I love you': I read the manga for this, and the series has followed along quite well, but has differed in spots. I liked the ending, but I would like to see it continue at some point.

Sword Art Online: I liked the ending, even if the confrontation in the world was quite anti-climatic. It comes across as rushed, but I still enjoyed it overall.

Total Eclipse: This just ended with it's 2nd season, and it really was a tough one to continue with. I don't know what the story was trying to be, harem, action, drama, boring, it had it all, but what it didn't have, was a good story. Ah well. If it returns one day, I'll watch it. I'm a glutton.

Blast of Tempest: This is another one where I don't know what they want to do with it. Parts seem rushed, but others seem needlessly drawn out. I've liked it to this point, but I can't say it's something great.

Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Still my favorite of the season, this past week was great, and hope we get to see Sorata & Shina's relationship grow. I think this one is getting 24 episodes, so that makes me happy.

Fairy Tail: OUT OF FILLER!!!!!!! Back to the story finally. I have to catch up though, as the story resumes like 7 episodes ago. CR only holds 4 back eps on their site, but I download them anyway. shhhhhhh.

I need to catch up with several other series too, like Code Breaker, (which is really good!) Psycho Pass, Robotics:Notes, and a few others. I'll not comment on them now since I'm behind.