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No one says....

No one says you have to pay for TV. Look at all the websites that offer episodes online. Sure they may be a little older than whats currently on, but they typically are free. A&E, History, USA and a few others do this.

Cable is pricey - they always say its because the channel wants more money from the cable provider. Thats hogwash in most cases. Its a ploy to raise prices.


Raleigh, NC
Not saying I condone it, but I keep hearing that ABC/Disney/ESPN gets $5.91 PER MONTH from your cable bill. Same for CBS/MTV/Nickelodeon, FOX/FSN/FX/Fox News, CNN/HBO/TNT/TBS, and NBC/NBC Sports/USA. Even the local channels get into the game - here, our local CBS station (which also runs the local Fox affiliate) has been in a war with Direct TV - they are even giving away free antennas.

If a la carte came, I'd sign up in a minute...