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Morrow, OH

Welcome to HeavenWire! (Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Region WISP)

I just got a postcard sized advert in the mail advertizing their presence in our area (they are a new residential/small business WISP) and they are advertising 1.5 Mbps burst, 1.0 Mbps down, 256 Kbps up with their basic plan up to their custom install with the maximum capability up to 5 mbps. Its noted on their site that 5Mbps is not available at all sites, so....

Apparently they are owned by a tri-state Motorola distributor for the same region. They have listed on their commercial site info about the Motorola Wireless Broadband Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) hardware.

WARNING: Copy&Paste Info Ahead
Canopy access networks operate in the licensed, unlicensed and federal frequency bands, providing superior performance in a wide variety of spectrums, including 900 MHz, 2.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.9, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7 and 5.9 GHz

The Canopy PMP 450 Access Point [the unit they are probably using] (AP) can provide more than 90 Mbps throughput and will be interoperable with Canopy 430 series and 100 Series Subscriber Modules (SM) via a separately purchased downloadable license key.
[Bullet Points on PMP 450]
Dramatically increases overall system capacity
No wholesale change-out of SMs required to achieve benefits
Intelligently adapts as OFDM loading increases to maximize performance
OFDM MIMO data rates of up to 90 Mbps peak throughput
MIMO subscribers to maximize network capacity
Simultaneously talks to both FSK & OFDM SMs using Canopy MAC protocol (future)
Anyways this is their current hypothetical limit, while they are limiting the most paying with 5 Mbps at the moment. With that information the maximum amount of customers is at most ~18 customers per antenna.
Assuming they only have the basic users are only using 1 Mbps that means they can only have 90 users per PMP 450 on a single antenna at the most. Their picture shows a typical installation of three, so one could deduct those units are only unidirectional.

So, am I just being skeptical about their deployment (or is this the best deployment out there?) Or are am I looking at incompatible products?

tl;dr(To Long, Didn't Read)
Will my speeds be guaranteed with that package? (I am in a rural area of Cincinnati)


Bloom County
Unless it is a business package - virtually no one will guarantee speeds:

In the FAQ:
How fast is it?

With speeds up to 3 Mbps, you can download graphics; video, audio files, view flash sites, and transmit attachments in record time. Upload speeds up to 768 Kbps. Heavenwire has speeds up to 25 times faster than a 56K modem!
Speeds 'up to' means it can vary and they will not tell how how much it can vary.

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LXI 483
O Fallon, MO
reply to thals1992
I don't see anything about a warranty or trial period. That would be my concern.
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