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Monroe Township, NJ
reply to telcodad

Re: [Cable Card] New Tivo (replacing existing Tivo with M-Card)

Cool, thanks for clarifying that. I've learned something new.


Des Plaines, IL
reply to Mike Wolf
now with a SDV tuner (comacst systems do not use SDV) can that be used for VOD with Tivo?? on a SDV cable system?

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
That's a good question. The switched digital tuner adapter is used due to the same technological limited reason, that the TiVo can't "send out" the signal that the SDV channel is still being watched when a remote button is pressed. However I don't think a SDV adapter would work for video on demand otherwise it would have been more popularly used and I'm sure there are technological reasons which I am not privy to.
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SDV has nothing to do with VOD on systems that use TAs. You'd think it would be possible but the TAs are bad enough as it is just getting them to tune SDV channels 100% of the time. They've always been a sore point for Tivo users until the FCC got involved and forced the MSOs to upgrade them to support more than 2 tuners etc. I've seen plenty of reports that the Cisco ones still need regular reboots.

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
I fully agree which is why Switched Digital has been the bane of my existence and why I absolutely HATE it. Also the fact that Comcast doesn't use it and other companies do is the main reason why I will now ONLY move to other areas serviced by Comcast, which is surprisingly difficult since not every service area has the same services or channel lineups or awesomeness as my current Toms River area has.