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Durham, NC

[Availability] AT&T won't provide local phone to my AT&T NID?

I've recently moved and I am attempting to get local landline (residential) phone service in Durham, NC 27713.

After months of multiple calls, chats, hard credit pulls, and cancelled orders, AT&T is claiming they do not service the AT&T Network Interface box on the outside of my house. I also know that renter before me had AT&T local phone service.

I'm in a very well-populated townhouse complex with many neighbors using AT&T.

Where can I go from here? My work requires a landline; digital isn't an option for me. Are there some "secret" reasons as to why they may disqualify an address but claim the out of service area reason?

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Re: [Availability] AT&T won't provide local phone to my AT&T NID

I have heard of cases where once an address has had VRAD supplied U-verse service installed, you must also use the U-verse VoIP product instead of the traditional POTS voice service. That seems to vary by area, and is also influenced by whether or not old cabling to the CO was removed when the VRAD boxes went into service.

Do you know if the previous residents of your residence (or your neighbors) were/are attached to a VRAD supplied U-verse service? Has AT&T denied you telephone service entirely, or have they just denied you POTS service? Have you checked to see if there is a CLEC like XO who also supplies POTS service in your area?

I also have heard of cases (with both AT&T and Comcast) where past delinquencies from rental properties has put specific addresses on a blacklist. But in those cases, proving that you are not one of the previous tenants is usually all that is required to get service installed in your name.

With AT&T's announced policy of forcing people to use wireless, this situation may start to become the norm in many areas. While that policy was announced as being targeted to rural locations, I would not be surprised to see it begin to be implemented anywhere that AT&T has the local regulatory agency firmly under their control.
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Cookeville, TN
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This might be a case of an abandoned interface due to AT&T wanting to only hook up U-verse clients and not the old traditional phone service.

If it were me I'd be contacting what ever is the equivalent of your Public Service Commission and see what they have to say.

My second choice would be to call either the local newspaper or any local TV station that has an investigative reporter. Most of them have an investigative reporter who, with luck, will take up your cause.

One thing I've learned over the years is that companies usually respond to negative publicity even when they ignore everything else.

Valencia, CA
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According to this

»www.marigoldtech.com/lists/co.ph ··· de=27713

The CO in your zip code is DRHMNCXE. Looking at our BBR's own CO report:

»/coinfo/clli/D ··· RHMNCXE/

It appears the CO in your zip code is owned by Verizon. I would give Verizon a call and see if they service it.
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Durham, NC
reply to attiscrazy
Thanks for all the advice!

DJrobx got me thinking and I looked up my neighbor's phone number on whitepages, and the npa-nxx was 919-361. This looks like Verizon when i looked it up on the net!

However, I can not get my address (or my neighbor's address) to qualify for anything on Verizon... The phone reps and the website both claim no service in the area... I guess I'm off to try some resellers?


Opelika, AL
I think your area was sold to Frontier. Give Frontier a call.

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Mount Juliet, TN
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Relatives in your area tell me some areas are serviced by Windstream. Now these aren't the most tech-savvy folks I know - - but it's worth a phone call I guess.

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Durham, NC
reply to wizkid6
Frontier it is! Just called em- They own a handful of neighborhoods in the Durham area, mine being one of them.

Thank you for all the replies!

Raleigh, NC
reply to attiscrazy
Ding! Durham is not an AT&T (Bellsouth) serviced area. That would be GTE Verizon Frontier. Good luck with those clowns.

(You'd be better off with a cellphone and an OBiTalk box -- or any number of cellphone-phone adapters.)

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Powder Springs, GA
reply to attiscrazy
Seems like your question has been answered, but this is a great link for this kind of info.

This is your NPA/NXX info for the CO listing in your area & who the LEC is for landline service.

»www.area-codes.com/exchange/exch ··· &nxx=361.

We used to call this the LERG back in the Bell days. Now you can just find this stuff on the net.


Raleigh, NC
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reply to airwavz
said by airwavz:

Relatives in your area tell me some areas are serviced by Windstream. Now these aren't the most tech-savvy folks I know - - but it's worth a phone call I guess.


For future reference, ILEC service in NC can be provided by AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, or Windstream depending on the area.