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Unhappy with new DTV install

DTV was installed 10/18/12. Installation rep did not go over what he was installing, to see if it was what I ordered/wanted. He had probems connecting to my WiFi, but said it was corrected, then left. I had intermittent trouble since then with WiFi connections & pixillation. Called them 10/28/12 c/o pixillating on tv screen & they assisted with correcting it. Thought all issues were resolved, but NO they weren't. Called them again 11/22/12 about loss of WiFi connection. Received new ethernet cable after Thanksgiving. Still had problems, so called them again. Today, tech came to house & said there were initial install problems & corrected them, got rid of ethernet & WiFi works great! But we discovered that we did not have GENIE DVR, as I had requested in the first place. Called Customer Service & they said they had only one record of my calling with complaints, & that I couldn't get the free GENIE because I waited too long to tell them that what I had wasn't what I ordered. The GENIE would be $500, not free like the ads state! Rep gave me every excuse in the book, blaming ME for not knowing that I didn't have a GENIE, not accepting any responsibility for the 'bait and switch'! How was I to know that what looked like a GENIE wasn't one? As I said my reception was intermittent. I would NEVER recommend DTV to anyone! I now know that many of my friends/family have also had negative reviews of DTV.
Direct tv is a SCAM! »