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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to JonF

Re: Teksavvy = lip service, no action

Tek isn't alone in this regard. I've had similar issues with Cogeco and Bhell. Bhell's attitude is that if a webpage will load (eventually) then the internet is fine. Cogeco denied there was a problem.

Tek unfortunately wasn't much better. They acknowledged there was a problem, isolated it to their static IPs, tried to do a few things to fix it (Bhell techs were dispatched) but after months of not getting back to me I just stayed on dynamic IP (while I was still charged the static IP price). That was eventually fixed and the amounts credited and it's been rock solid but what I can do with it is limited now.

I do understand though, no company can have the resources to track down every packet loss issue. They're probably just keeping up with the major/every issues.


I did pm Jon again today and have heard nothing so far. Internet keeps dropping in the meantime. Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not on a static IP.