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[TWC] Ubee DVW3201B + Linksys e2500 = No Xbox Live

So last month my wife and I decided to switch from Uverse to TWC because the latter offered a higher internet speed package. We were having issues streaming TV to the Xbox and playing online games at the same time without causing lag on the streamed TV.

Note: My Xbox is connected wirelessly (too far to be wired, no ports nearby), and my PCs are wired into the router.

TWC set us up with a Ubee router, which I've grown to despise in a record breaking amount of time. Not only did it cause my Xbox Live to stop working, it would kick me off my online games 2-3 times per day.

These are some of the things I did:

- Bought my own router (Linksys e2500), and set the Ubee DVW3201B to bridge mode.

- I disabled wireless on the Ubee.

- I used ethernet port #1 on the Ubee to connect to the Internet port on the Linksys.

I can connect to the internet on my PCs, but I still have the same issues of my Xbox Live not working and I still get kicked off my online games 2-3 times per day.

When I attempt to connect to Xbox Live (before and after bridge mode), I would sometimes get a message that I can't connect to Xbox Live. Once in a blue moon it will seem to connect, but it won't download any updates or stream. It just hangs indefinitely. It would also give me a message saying something along the lines "Not all Xbox Live content will be available."

Any ideas on what the issue could be?

Brownsville, TX
Wireless>manual>channel 161 for 5Ghz and 11 for 2.4Ghz (initially set to Auto)

Security> Uncheck Filter Anonymous Internet Requests (initially enabled)

info found at the linksys forum


Tried those settings, but still having the same Xbox Live issue. When testing the connection, it connected to Xbox Live. However, it's extremely slow, and it's still giving me the same problem when trying to download an update. It hangs indefinitely.

It also gave me the same error about some Xbox Live content not being available.

North Tonawanda, NY
reply to Diggity_Dave
Have you checked for firmware upgrades to the Linksys? They often come out of the box with some older firmware.


reply to Diggity_Dave
Can you connect to XBL directly into the modem? Can yo move it in and just test it?

If the modem is bridged properly, it won't be blocking anything.


Dallas, TX
reply to Diggity_Dave
How did you bridge the Ubee DVW3201B. I have the Ubee DVW3201 and I want to use a separate wireless router.


San Antonio, TX
reply to Diggity_Dave
Is this an issue of your wifi signal being weak and thus the Xbox disconnects sometimes or perhaps too much packet loss?

Is it possible for your to temporary move your xbox and hook it up to a monitor so you can have the xbox hardwired to test out if you are still having the same problems.