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Carrying Place, ON
reply to spud

Re: Check Engine Light - Knows very little about cars

said by spud:

Your Toyota Camry use's a heated oxygen sensor with a service life of about 100,000 miles
I'd bet the internal heater circuit in the O2 sensor isn't working right

There's a specific code for that. It's failed on my Corolla. I monitored the sensor operation and noted that the code posted several minutes after the O2 sensor had warmed up and was operating as normally. I'll change it at e test time.
To the OP.
For $20 you can get a Bluetooth OBDII scanner. A free smart phone app will then display the sensor operation so you can see for yourself. Sensor one should toggle high and low constantly, sensor two should not because the cat is burning the residual fuel.
If they both toggle it means the cat is not doing it's job.
As mentioned, cleaning the MAF is a good idea to avoid an ugly lean stumble. Different OBD code(s) for this.
The best thing about owning a Toyota seems to be learning how all these things work (or break).