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Sudbury, ON
reply to mazhurg

Re: ID requirement to travel across the country

said by mazhurg:

So... my son, who is a member of the CF, just realized today that he lost his ID while visiting us and he was booked for a plane flight on Saturday (5 Jan). In addition he has no driver licences, has nothing on him with a picture and _left_ his leave pass at his home.

Now, I know he will not be able to get on that plane (sucks to be him as he will not get a refund) but I am wondering what other public transport are available to him (short of Thumb transport).

Travel is inter-provincial (MB -> AB) only. Greyhound now requires valid photo ID.

Any thoughts?

I know there is an ID card in Manitoba (Similiar to Ontario ID card which is relatively new)....is it possible to fast-track something today and get it done within a couple of days???