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Horrible Service

We have had this service a year now and we are beyond being fed up with them. Now, with no service (as usual) and the website being down, absolutely no way of contacting them as previous comments, phone hours straight to a full voicemailbox, and IF you get to leave a message, never ever do you get a call back.....we don't have any choice for internet put here in Rice, Tx(except for satellite, which will not work with xbox live)...so to have or not to have is the issue.....which put of a month, we are lucky to get 10 or15 days of service and never afull 24 consecutive hours, and lets not even begin to discus the speed......PLEASE OH PLEASE someone put fiber optic cables in the ground or something.....PLEASE!!!!!

WiFi45 sucks

We so agree!! This company is the worse company that Ive ever had to deal with. I am currently using my reliable data plan on my cell phone to write this post cause...you guessed it...down again all weekend. And today, tried calling and it rang 5 times then hung up. Tried this over and over and same thing. Their recordings are weeks old when it does work...they never call you back...the only number we have is the 888-791-1638. People need to find their direct lines and call them on it day in and day out when this happens!! We switched to Dishnet and its great but it doesn't support VPN so we had to switch back to this gawd forsaken company. I work out of the home and need to rely on internet to live!!
The people in the corsicana, Ennis area need to get together and apply pressure to these folks! We've never had one solid week of good internet in the past 14 months and yet still pay them every month, the same amount. Go figure!!!
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