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Edgewood, TX
reply to gwalk

Re: Talk About Low Earth Orbit !

LMAO!! well they better talk to ViaSat\Exede and see what the hell they are doing right.

These morons love to blame the customer and their use of routers contributing the slowness of their connection. Utter BS!!

What kind of router cuts down speeds to dialup at specific times during the day?? Unless there's some kind of QoS option in place, that or someone must be running a router that's built using vacuum tubes, etc. But even then, it's doubtful that you would see any kind of slowness if you took that same router and had it working with cable or dsl.

If they were so concerned about the use of routers, why didn't they just add a wireless router into their satellite modem.. Oh that's right, then they couldn't blame the customers for HN's own stupidity.

In 3 days I'll have Verizon HomeFusion LTE. No more satellite for me.