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Salmo, BC
reply to rustydusty

Re: [BC] Intermittent Internet slowdowns

If you read the quote in original message from the Telus tech support it says to me that if the signal is weak then it will pick up on the cellular plan.

So wouldn't it be true that if my Internet connection is dropping off to .4 mbps or worse in the evenings that would be create a 'weak' WiFi signal and cause the cells to pick up on the cellular network?

Or am I completely wrong? ... That's been known to happen at times


Red Deer, AB
Your line speed have nothing to do with the Wifi signal of the router. If you are getting a weak signal it's because the distance you are from the router itself. Slow line speeds will not affect your signal off the device whatsoever. Those are two different battles altogether. If you are getting weak Wifi signals, try moving the router to the center of the house, or purchase a seperate Access Point to provide a better wireless coverage. For a price for quality, I would suggest a D-Link DAP-2553. It's in the $150 range, but I'm extremely satisfied with the signal and speed I'm getting with it. Plus, PoE is always handy so you can get the device in the perfect position.