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[Line Problem] ATT Uverse - Interleave to Fastpath - How? Help?


I recently switched from Cox HSI Cable Internet to ATT Uverse (24mb/down 3mb/up). The reason for this change is that my latency w/ Cox HSI was horrible, and the routing was equally horrible. I'm hoping w/ ATT Uverse, my routing and latency improves.

I have read about Interleaving mode vs. Fastpath mode, and how fastpath mode may yield 1/2 the latency to the first gateway when comparing to Interleaving. I'm a gamer, so latency is the #1 priority to me, and clearly, fastpath is the best.

My first question:

Does ATT Uverse Fiber Optic even utlize interleaving and fastpath modes as w/ DSL? If so, how do you change to fastpath mode for the purpose of improved latency?

I spoke w/ tier 2 tech support, and initially, they had no idea what I was talking about. When they researched the issue, they told me that this has to be changed at the 'd-slam,' and it affects everyone else connected to it, so they can't make the change. Keep in mind, the lady I was speaking with was brand new and not very tech savvy, especially for tier 2 tech support.

How exactly does one change ATT Uverse Internet (Fiber) to fastpath from interleaving? Is this done from tech support? Is this done by a technician at your home? I'm hoping to correct this issue ASAP, because once again, my primary concern is latency.

Your help will be much appreciated. Once again, I have a tech coming out tomorrow morning, so I hope he has some information for me as well.

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Re: [Line Problem] ATT Uverse - Interleave to Fastpath - How? He

Let's keep it to one thread. Thanks.

»ATT Uverse - Interleave to Fastpath - How? Help?

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