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Ontario, CAN

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reply to Hall

Re: [Free] Microsoft Pinball For Windows Vista & 7

said by Hall:

Who keeps the original install file for apps ?

I do?
Actually, I have a secondary internal disk drive that holds all of my applications (along with some program settings) in the event I need to reinstall Windows fresh. I have images of course but, there are times when I like to start from scratch, and having all of my frequently used applications already available offline is quite handy. I was just giving bennor See Profile advise on what he could do (in this particular situation) to uninstall the program in the future if need be. I'm not sure why the .EXE did not leave an option to uninstall, but the .MSI does. Plus you don't have to keep the original installer... it should log an entry in Programs and Features. Just obtain it if you can't uninstall it the normal way.
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