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Ogden, UT

HughesNet is very slow

I'm in IT support and had to remote into someone with SlowNet and I'm telling you it's slower than dialup.. The ping to the customers computer was over 3000ms some times dropping to 1900ms at best..

For me to be able to change settings or even view the desktop of what the customer sees the ping can't be anymore than 900ms or so.. Even dialup is around 900ms or less..

This customer claimed she paid for the best "business class" hughesnet and she was in the mountains of NC and no other choice for broadband...

I told her she will have to go into the office and connect to the network to have any work done on the computer...


Edgewood, TX

I'm finding if I run a continuous ping with (Ping -t, I can see most of the pings for me are in the 600-700ms range.

The few times I needed to get into my PC from a remote location I've had to use GoToMyPC.com which works but it's awfully slow. And I'll get frequent status messages from GotoMyPC that the connection has timed out and I have to wait and it'll start working again.. Which means to be the upstream is nowhere near the 2Mbps that they claim for the PowerMax plan.

I never had this problem with Exede12...

Maybe in 5 years highspeed satellite broadband might work, but by then I think 4G/LTE will have them beat in coverage... Maybe..

Schaumburg, IL

600-700ms is quite impressive for satellite. Theoretically (meaning in a lab environment) the lowest latency possible to a satellite in geo sync orbit is about 436ms round trip. Then you have to add the latency between the Hughes datacenter and which ever anycast server you are pinging.