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Ontario, CAN
·Rogers Hi-Speed

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Re: GData Antvirus 2013 and Fx?

GData looks great. Unfortunately I have little to no experience with it. I tried installing the Internet Security package taking it for a spin a couple years ago, but found the GUI to be rather clunky, unorganized and slow to respond. The program itself seemed rather heavy on memory usage compared to other notable contenders. However, it appears as if things are turning around for the better in these areas. I may have to give GData another try some day. On a secondary note... why are you so damn opposed to cloud based analysis as a second opinion when no other information on said suspect file is available? And it looks as if GData advertises cloud analysis.
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Hilo, HI
But with GData, you don't have to use the cloud. A lot of AV now you have to use the cloud.

Yes, I had tried GData a couple of years ago. I loved the detailed GUI then as I like to have a highly configurable AV. But, it was VERY HEAVY on RAM and bogged my computer down. Plus, I got a BSOD caused by it yet there was NO USA support and I did send an email to support in Germany and never got a reply.

But GData has been drastically overhauled for version 2013. Plus, it now has a USA toll free support number as well as email support. I don't know how good the phone support is and I would assume phone support would not be available for the trial version. They are getting BIG and worldwide judging from the support page with the phone numbers for so many nations. They desperately need more download servers as there is their server in Germany and one mirror. Both take FOREVER to download the program which is BIG (330MB) from Hawaii. I tried at all different times of the day and night and every time download on a 20/2 connection was at 120KB/sec! So, it took about an hour to download on my "Turbo" TWC connection.

Someone most of us who visit Wilders Security for many years know and respect has been with GData for a year now and I think the changes may be his doing but I haven't talked to him since he took the management position there so I don't really know but every other AV vendor he has been with he was responsible for big changes.

I'll probably try installing it again and then opening Fx to a new one tab only session instead of resuming my last session of 100 tabs and I'll let the extension install. I'm concerned though, with their extremely slow servers, about GData hourly updates...I wonder how long those will take each hour! Probably no problems for those on the Mainland USA but way off in Hawaii....
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