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Huntington Beach, CA

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2 identical VZ Routers lock up on rollover to 01/01

I have VZ Business FIOS using an Actiontec RI-408 router (ethernet config, router has no coax connection). The router was VZ standard issue at the time for business accounts and includes an 8 port switch. The interface and rule configuration is basically the same as most of the MI424 routers.

On the morning of Jan. 1st, I awoke to find out my internet connection was down. All 8 LAN ports on the router were working fine as devices could talk/see each other. However, pinging the LAN interface of the router resulted in a timeout and no response. Pinging from an external device to the WAN address was the same. A quick power cycle and all was good.

That was, until I went to remote access my office 25 miles away. The router there was also down. It too was an Actiontec RI-408. My office has ATT DSL with a Netopia router (bridged) as the primary (5 static IP's) and I then hang devices off that with their own individual static (WAN) IP's. One IP goes to the Actiontec router for all LAN devices and another one is to a remote access card in my server. I could get right into the server via the RAC since it did not need to go through the Actiontec. From the server console I could access other devices that were plugged into the LAN ports of the Actiontec, but again, I could not ping the Actiontec LAN port. Just like at home, the switch functions worked fine, but the router functions did not.

I didn't want to leave my office router locked up all day since it meant that all my inbound mail for multiple users would be queued up at our off-site filtering company. So I jumped in the car and made the drive to the office to power cycle the router. Once it restarted, everything returned to normal.

Anyone else have an Actiontec router lockup on Tuesday after the new year? I would have never thought anything of it if it wasn't for the fact that I had two identical routers exhibit the exact same problem.