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Boxborough, MA

New Year Rsltn: exchange 2 S for 1 M cablecard? DVR changes?

It's a New Year and time for some housekeeping. My main question is has anyone exchanged 2 S cablecards fro 1 M cablecard? I assume that this is now a self install? I have a TiVo HDXL that is my primary DVR.

Also, I have a pair of the old Model QIP6416 DVRs. Since they are no longer grandfathering in the original price, I should return the one in the same room as the TiVo. Those two actions should save me just under $21 a month.

At some point I am half tempted to return the other verizon DVR to to drop its $17 a month charge also. I need to consider some options, but am not ready to make a decision on this one yet.

Any ramifications on contract with respect to returning equipment, i.e., are DVRs considered services? The language in the popup on their website says:
Minimum term commitment of 24 months applies. If you cancel and of your services before completing your minimum term, an early termination fee will apply and you will no longer receive the bundle discount on any remaining services. 24-month plans are subject to an early termination fee of up to $230. I understand that once my bundled services are installed, I have a 30 day period to cancel without any early termination fee.
Notice the typo of "and" where I assume they meant "any". So much for proof readers!

Bronx, NY
Nope. Equipment isn't covered in the contract - just the service.

As for the CableCARDs, you might have a better time dealing with the CS reps if you just tell them you want to order an additional M-Card. And there's not really any need to specify M-Card - all CableCARDs should be M-Cards unless you specifically request an S-Card. You can either pick it up at a FiOS store or they'll mail it to you for $20. Then install it in your TiVo, make sure everything is working, and return the S-Cards on a separate occasion (Verizon equipment can usually be returned to any UPS store. Not sure if that applies for CableCARDs. If not, they should send you a return label with the M-Card anyway).

A little more work for you, but might be less confusing for the rep trying to remove two cards and add another one without any lapse in service.
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Boxborough, MA
Thanks for the CableCARD suggestion. Given the confusion that Verizon tends to have with billing and orders, that sounds like a good idea to limit the confusion.