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North York, ON
reply to yyzlhr

Re: [Express] Usage Tracker Odd Behaviour

said by yyzlhr:

said by elitefx:

Residents of Ontario who do not wish to accept any applicable rate increase may choose to cancel the service(s) affected by the rate increase(s) without any early cancellation fee, device savings recovery fee or service deactivation fee, as applicable, by sending us a notice to that effect no later than 30 days after receiving the rate increase notice.

Now THAT is interesting. Wonder if that is actually legit or just a typo.

Also, everyone knew price increases were coming, it's become a timeless tradition.

Probably dealt with too many CCTS complaints last year.. Each of those complaints costs Rogers money due to investigation, etc.

Probably easier to just let people out of the contracts than keep paying for thousands of investigations by the CCTS, because you just know that a ton of those complaints were about yearly increases, despite being on contract... And contracts usually state no rate increases for the duration of the contract.
-- Tech Support MVP