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West Chester, PA
reply to sc5474243

Re: Truly Sorry to Ask: Using Own Router with M1424WR Rev I

said by sc5474243:

Watice: Glad to hear that it is possible.

To be clear, watice See Profile is referring to option 6 (primary LAN-to-WAN), which assumes a cat5 connection to the ONT.
said by sc5474243:

I really want to avoid this if possible as I was already charged $200 for activation and installation and know they will hit me again if I have a tech come out to change to Ethernet.

You should be able to have Frontier switch your WAN connection from coax to cat5 with a phone call. A truck roll is not necessary. This assumes you can run the cat5 to the ONT yourself.
said by sc5474243:

I do not have the skills to feel comfortable running a Ethernet connection and drilling a new jack from the outside of the house.

Assuming your ONT is outside, you "may" be able to do this yourself.

Buy a preterminated ethernet cable of the appropriate length. Remove the silicone caulking material the tech used to fill the hole where the coax enter your house. If you have enough room, pass the ethernet cable through connector and all. You can also try temporarily removing the coax connection and passing it through the hole to make more room. Then simply plug the cat5 cable into the RJ45 jack inside the ONT. Don't forget to recaulk the hole with silcone.

If this doesn't work, or you're not comfortable with this, then you will need a truck roll for Frontier to run the cat5 cable for you.
said by sc5474243:

The FAQ walk-thru, as Fiber posted, always starts with the assumption that you are running Ethernet.

That's not accurate. There is a table at the front of the trade-offs FAQ which itemizes which options use a coax connection and which use a cat5 connection to the ONT. The second row in the table shows that options 1-5 and 10 use a coax connection to the ONT.

said by sc5474243:

This is one of the reasons I wrote as I don’t see the same type of walk-thru for a Coax solution.

There is no walkthrough for option 5 (double coax bridge) with the rev. I, because I'm unaware of anyone that has done this successfully with the rev. I. As I understand the rev. I, it is no longer possible to remove the Broadband Conax from the Broadband bridge. This is necessary for the second coax bridge. This is the same reason the reason none of the Westell routers can be used with option 5. I don't have a rev. I, so I can't confirm this. I'm merely going by what others have posted.

BTW, this is the first I'm aware of Frontier issuing rev. I routers. Does it have the red band or the VZ logo?
said by sc5474243:

the FAQ” isn’t helpful when there are a number of FAQs and a number of options.

That's why there is the trade-offs FAQ. No one option is right for everyone. The trade-offs FAQ was meant as a starting point for someone to consider which option best fit their needs. That doesn't mean there is a solution for every possible situation.

Running cat5 to the ONT is the preferred solution when you want your router as primary. If that's not feasible, then there there are still a couple of possibilities:
•Acquire an older (rev. F) router from ebay and bridge using the instructions in option 5.

•Acquire a MOCA WAN bridge (option 10) and use that to convert your coax WAN connection to ethernet.
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Kirkland, WA
Holy good heavens you guys are great. Thank you so much for all the detail. Truly appreciated. And I might just give running the CAT 5 link a try myself. You make it sound pretty straight forward. I assume getting into the ONT is just a matter of taking the hex nuts off they have installed.

And to answer your question, the router has the red strip and a Frontier logo. Looks just like the pictures of the Verizon ones except for the logo badge they stuck on it.

Redmond, WA
I highly recommend using the CAT5 method. My router, not a Rev I, is connected to the Ethernet port though it does do the bridging which Rev I models mostly cannot do. If you're actually in Kirkland and want some help trying to get Ethernet run, drop me a PM. I live in Redmond and would be willing to have a look. I have an older model MI424WR that I could bring if you want to potentially swap for a device that CAN bridge.

Getting at the port is very easy, just remove whatever panel or cover says "customer access." On outside ONTs, it is done by loosening (not removing; it's designed to stay put) the single hex nut then pushing in the top and bottom plastic tabs to allow the door to swing open. You will see an Ethernet jack inside. DO NOT open the "technician" or "telco" access side. Those contain the fiber port and can be quite finicky. Inside ONTs usually have a metal panel on the bottom right that is opened by unscrewing one screw and pulling the panel down and forward.