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Cullowhee, NC

[DSL] Slow speeds in Western N.C. DSL

When we had Verizon my speeds were in the 3 megs down plan. This continued after Frontier bought them out until a couple months ago. My speed dropped down to 1.6 megs down. I saw a Frontier tech guy at my central phone station the other day. He said I should be getting 3 megs down. He gave a few new phone filters to replace the ones in my home. He said replace them, and see if the speed picks. If not, call in for a repair order. He said that there maybe noise on the line that would slow my speed down. Well the filters did not change anything. speed was 1.6 megs down. I have called Frontier two days in a row. I have spoke to both tech support, and customer service on each call. They both tell me the same thing. That my area provincial speed is only 1.6 max..Well, there something going on that they could not explain to me why the field worker said it was a 3 meg d/l in the DSL box. And would not give me a work order to check my lines out. This sucks. If my wife streams a move to her Kindle, it will take down the bandwidth to my Ipad or compter to a dead crawl or a spinning curser. Please need some help and direction on this. We are paying for the top speed.


Mars Hill, NC
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I live in Western NC as well, and Frontier seems to not be able to tell me what I'm supposed to be able to get. I just recently got the service, and I was first told that I couldn't get it, called again and was told I could get 7.1 mbit down, and ordered that. Then after the install I was told I would get 6 meg on 3 different support calls when I was complaining about my modem only provisioning at 3 mbit. Then, on the fourth call I was finally told I could only get 3mbit.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that Frontier seems to have no real clue about what speeds they can offer and what you will provision at. If you are waiting for a legit answer from Frontier, it probably isn't going to happen. My only advise would be to post your statistics from your modem online, and maybe some of the more well-versed experts on the forum can advise you as to whether or not your line may be able to provision higher. However, in the end it's still going to be up to Frontier. You may (although it is very frustrating) want to keep trying Frontier support. You never know, sometimes you get someone that does have a clue.


Cullowhee, NC

Thanks for your reply. It just seems that Frontier don't give a darn about it's customers. You are very lucky to get 3 megs down...I am looking at another ISP here in Cashiers area where I live about his wireless Wi Fi sytem that offers that to your home for $44.95 a month with a 2 year contract. That is 3/7 megs up and down.