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Roy, UT

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[Connectivity] Un happy

3rd time in 10 years Comcast says i can get. just to be told 325ft is to Farr when installer shows up. The say when they wont me to sign up that upgrades in my area have been changed RIGHT.
Everyone around me has cable but me. The cable needs to come from across the street witch is only 2 lanes wide. not Far.
In staler says engineering needs to evaluate but says its probably not cost effective for Comcast to hook me up and left it at that.
how do i get them to look into this. I can help with the cost but seems like the ball gets dropped and i never hear about it till they wont me to sign up in 3 or 4 years and it starts all over.


Palmyra, VA
A 325' drop is doable. Call your local corp office or go to your local Comcast office and see what's going on. And it's "Far", not "Farr".