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Before Me You Tremble

Warren, MI

RE: TV audio breakup again

here in Warren MI, we are experiencing tv audio break up on all channels...this is the second night in a row...very annoying!!!



yea im getting it here too again, same as lastnight.

reply to DarthSaruman
Cleveland, same here.


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I'm in Warren and for the second night most channels audio and video are choppy, blocky and unwatchable, if they don't get this fixed I will be canceling.


Clinton Township, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Same here in Clinton Township mich. I am highly agitated! Audio break up and choppy video for the 2nd day in a row. I tried calling only to keep getting a busy signal. I also been experiencing sparatic audio break up on all channels for several months now. I called and complained a few times...long story short it still happens. I am about ready to cancel WOW.


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Wow...... really?

I think everyone will start using "WOW" in the wrong way, like WOW, this service is horrible.

I appreciate everything WOW does, but it's getting really bad and ridiculous lately...


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Service sux for day two in Dearborn, MI...........Called to com0lain and getting fast busy w/ hold times of 20 mins on other numbers...


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Second night in a row (again) w/ WoW using home made graphics and poor audio sync track. Pixellation is horrible and unwatchable. Wifey sez gets whats ya payz fur.......


Taylor, MI
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Same in Downriver


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Same here too... It's been doing this for several weeks and they just keep saying we're working on it. Time to cancel and move to another service. Maybe if everyone leaves at once they'll get the message.


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said by DarthSaruman:

here in Warren MI, we are experiencing tv audio break up on all channels...this is t he second night in a row...very annoying!!!


Lots of audio disruption and tv picture breakups for days. Phones are busy and cannot get through even at 11pm.


reply to uniblab
same here, seems like it is getting more often, i even have phn interupts..


Lincoln Park, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Okay, I just got off the phone with WOW - a work order is being placed for at least my area - Detroit (probably all Michigan).

The CSR said I was the first person to call in today about the issue today, so People!... if you're having trouble still - call them.


Norman, OK
reply to DarthSaruman
There was a wide spread outage in Michigan that started on New Year's Eve. All of the outage nodes have been cleared. If any problems are still persisting make sure that all of the coax cable ends are clear of any corrosion or condensation by unhooking them and blowing on them. It would also help to power cycle your box by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in so that the receiver can get a refresh.


Sterling Heights, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Here we ago again, picture breaking up on most channels in Sterling Heights, MI. Maybe WOW_dan could explain why this is happening in prime time so much? This just sucks!


Dearborn Heights, MI
Happening here in dearborn heights, too. Dang, just can't catch a break. No tv/internet/phone for 5+ hours (due to another utility company cutting WOW's fiber). Finally get that repaired, and now TV is crap again. :-(


Roseville, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
I'm so tired of this! Lately it seems to be more of this crap than not. Paying good money for something I can't use and I've been doing it way too long. WOW has gotten the last dime out of me. I'm canceling in the morning.


Grosse Ile, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Same here in Grosse Ile, MI. Busy signal when calling for support too. I've been with WOW for 10 years, but I'm done. Calling the only other cable franchise in my township tomorrow.

This has been going on almost every night for weeks. If it was in WOW's power to fix it would already be fixed.


Sterling Heights, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
They don't want to deal with angry customers so they take down their phones, good shit WOW.


Sterling Heights, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
I just got a postcard in the mail yesterday from Colleen saying the phones are all good now. (NOT)

Pissed Off

reply to DarthSaruman
Same in Dearborn. I'm officially finished with WOW. No where to go but Comcast.

A Lee

reply to DarthSaruman
every night at almost 9pm exactly the cable audio and video begins to break up. Im located South of Lansing.


Royal Oak, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Having problems tonight here in Royal Oak as well, tried calling in to complain but the lines are all busy.

Disappointed to see this is actually going on widespread.


reply to DarthSaruman
Looks like it is all over the Detroit metro area. It is really annoying, so much that I am retiring early this evening.



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reply to DarthSaruman
Same issues in Sterling Hts tonight. Fox was horrible, both SD and HD. Bob's Burgers was unwatchable as was Family Guy due to pixelation and audio stutter. We've only had WOW! for a month and we're done already. Switching back to U-Verse this week.

EDIT: Added why the programming was unwatchable. Thanks Kronos.


Dearborn Heights, MI
said by levis76:

Bob's Burgers was unwatchable

Hey, you can't blame WOW for everything.


Dearborn, MI
It is and is correctable - now, whether or not they have to go "oh, are you fucking kidding us?!" with what's shipping their digital stream, I dunno.

But it does break a lot.

We're not getting robbed here by any means, but the general idea is that the fucking TV works on a consistent basis.

Being able to watch said TV - particularly for housebound old folk - is a bit important too.

When it breaks, I get annoyed.

How and why? Can I maybe ask around and see if going digital on their far smaller network presented the same issues?

Some kind of answer before the billing cycle is up would be nice.