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Pissed Off

reply to DarthSaruman

Re: RE: TV audio breakup again

Same in Dearborn. I'm officially finished with WOW. No where to go but Comcast.

A Lee

reply to DarthSaruman
every night at almost 9pm exactly the cable audio and video begins to break up. Im located South of Lansing.


Royal Oak, MI
reply to DarthSaruman
Having problems tonight here in Royal Oak as well, tried calling in to complain but the lines are all busy.

Disappointed to see this is actually going on widespread.


reply to DarthSaruman
Looks like it is all over the Detroit metro area. It is really annoying, so much that I am retiring early this evening.



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reply to DarthSaruman
Same issues in Sterling Hts tonight. Fox was horrible, both SD and HD. Bob's Burgers was unwatchable as was Family Guy due to pixelation and audio stutter. We've only had WOW! for a month and we're done already. Switching back to U-Verse this week.

EDIT: Added why the programming was unwatchable. Thanks Kronos.


Dearborn Heights, MI
said by levis76:

Bob's Burgers was unwatchable

Hey, you can't blame WOW for everything.


Dearborn, MI
It is and is correctable - now, whether or not they have to go "oh, are you fucking kidding us?!" with what's shipping their digital stream, I dunno.

But it does break a lot.

We're not getting robbed here by any means, but the general idea is that the fucking TV works on a consistent basis.

Being able to watch said TV - particularly for housebound old folk - is a bit important too.

When it breaks, I get annoyed.

How and why? Can I maybe ask around and see if going digital on their far smaller network presented the same issues?

Some kind of answer before the billing cycle is up would be nice.