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Vancouver, BC
reply to BCRose

Re: [BC] Intermittent Internet slowdowns

@OP: This issue has been posted on this forum many many times already. Your post doesn't bring anything new that hasn't been posted here already.

Team? Working on it? Hah. That's a load. They've known about the bottlenecks due to old hardware in remote areas in BC for YEARS now. It's not even classed as an outage at Telus. Telus just doesn't want to spend the mountain of money required to upgrade a tiny village with a declining population and likely very small user base where it would take forever to recoup the costs of installation. They will spend the money in areas they can make it back far quicker in - usually areas with large numbers of subscribers. Don't expect a quick fix for it because it'll never happen.

Telus will never send an email or text out about any network issues, ever. The mountain of red tape they have to deal with just to add one word to the website alone is ridiculous.