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[Speed Issues] 25% Packet Loss for 40 minutes

I've been experiencing 25% packet loss at my address for the past 40 minutes. Normally, the service is fine, but for an unknown reason, packet loss rates will destroy my internet connection for up to 2 hours at a time.

Normal procedures (restart modem, router, computer; remove router from equation; try different devices) haven't solved the issue...ever.

Cable modem status appears normal.
Downstream: SNR 34dB, Plvl 4dBmV
Upstream: Plvl 44dBmV

Traceroutes indicate the problem occurs just outside my residence.

Actual help this time would be MUCH appreciated!


Been having the same issue here in Northern WI all day - slow pings, packet loss, horribly slow speeds. Tried reboots, different computers, etc, to no avail.


reply to RapidsCust
what town do you live in? i'm in central WI and having similar problems