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Re: übee and my dlink router

twc gave me a wireless box. before that i had a regular box to which i hooked up my dlink router.

twc's wireless box uses a ubee wireless i guess. when the cable guy set up the box i told him i didn't want to use ubee, i wanted to use my dlink router. he said something like he would disable the ubee.

that's fine,,,,and my dlink is the router i use and apparently the ubee IS problem. however now, i want to get into my dlink router to change the channel. i can't get into it because when i type i get the ubee interface.

so how do i access my dlink



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It sounds like you need to figure out the IP address of the Dlink router. If BangBang's suggestion above to try didn't work, then try this:

If you are connected to the Dlink wirelessly, go to your PC's command line of Windows (i.e., the "run" line) and type in "cmd /k ipconfig" without the quotes. In the results look for the parameters of the "wireless adapter". You should see there is an IP address shown for "default gateway." Use that IP address and see if you can access your router. That *should* do it.

Or if you connect to the Dlink with an ethernet cable, then do the same thing as above with the command line, but in the results look under the parameters for the Ethernet Adapter. It should show you the IP address of the "default gateway." Use that IP address to try to access the Dlink router.

I hope one of those works for you. Let us know.

PS: The safest way to configure the router (at least initially ) is via the Ethernet cable. If you were to lose signal while wirelessly in the interface it could cause configuration problems, etc. Once you are in the router interface, be sure to set up strong wireless security encryption, customize the router interface log-in username/password, and other security measures on the router if it hasn't already been done.


that did it. it was

for my edification,,,,is there a specific reason for the ".5.1" as a standard of some sort?

thx again



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"or my edification,,,,is there a specific reason for the ".5.1" as a standard of some sort?"
Not that I know of as a fellow user. Not as a standard. I'm not sure how you ended up with that IP address for the Dlink router. Did the TWC cable guy go into the router and configure anything? If so, he may have changed it so that it would be different than the IP address for the modem.

I'm not familiar at all with Ubee or Dlink, but for some other modem brands the IP used to access the modem is I don't know if that is the case for Ubee; I simply don't know if it is standard for you to access your modem via like you currently are. Of course, you want to be sure the cable guy did indeed put your modem into the correct mode for your equipment situation and that he did disable the wireless routing component.

Maybe a Ubee user with a modem and separate router setup similar to yours will comment here with more info on what the 2 IP addresses should be and how to check the equipment configuration. Or you could start a new thread and specifically ask that question. Good luck!