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[AB] Does the Thompson Speedtouch work with Turbo 25 plan?

Hi, I just upgraded my internet from regular Turbo to Turbo 25. However, It may take a couple of days before it gets activated.

Is the Thompson Speedtouch 516 v6 capable of having 25 mbps download and 2.5 mpbs upload as advertised? I remember seeing a post here that it really depends on how close I am to the Telus line. However, I want the best of what I paid for.

When I upgraded to Turbo 25, the guy I talked to wasn't really a technician so I don't trust what he says.
To get the best speeds, should I request a new modem from Telus? Are those combination modem+router they send you reliable and have good wi-fi range (Router 2nd level, media streamer in the basement)? I remember using a Siemen's modem+router and the wi-fi range was horrendous. If that is the case, is there a stand alone modem that Telus can send me?

Thanks in advance


New Westminster, BC

The Speedtouch is an ADSL 2+ model, from what I remember, once your port switches to VDSL2 for Turbo 25, the speedtouch will no longer sync at all.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong

Vancouver, BC
reply to turbo25help

25Mbps down, maybe. You won't be able to get 2.5Mbps upstream with ADSL2+.

Please use the V1000H, this is the best modem TELUS currently has in stock and will save you all amounts of trouble.
The more I C, the less I see.


Chilliwack, BC
reply to turbo25help

Speedtouch did not work for me at all. Switched to the actiontech they supplied after I modified the firmware so I could bridge it and all was good again.



Just a note that you don't need custom firmware to turn it into a bridge. The root password would do. =) (If that's all your doing.)


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D'oh! Duplicate post. (Delete please?)


Chilliwack, BC
reply to tofusl

I had the root but when I changed it to bridge mode it would not take. It would just go back to the default setting every time. This is the reason I opted for the custom firmware. I could have been doing something wrong but all I know is it works great for a month now so Im not touching a thing.



What is the root password.
Where can I get this custom firmware?


Chilliwack, BC

I found the root login through google. Wasnt hard.
The custom firmware is about halfway down on the topics page posted by TelusFW. Im not responsible for your actions.