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Re: [Anime] What do you use to watch streaming anime?

I don't stream much as I haven't seen an interface I like. I like just hitting a single button to jump ~10 seconds forward or back, or another button for 1 minute. None of that "press forward/rewind and then try to hit play at the right moment with only jerky, still images as a reference" crap followed by several seconds of buffering, just a quick single tap (or a small number of multiple taps to seek a long way) and I'm there.

That said, when I do stream I use the Crunchyroll app on the Roku. It's not great, but it gets the job done. I liked the old app before they "Netflix-ified" it. Sure it didn't look as flashy, but it worked and responded quickly. The new one has to stop to load quite a bit. It also doesn't like to be left running for days straight (the old one I could finish an episode and walk away for a week or 3, and when I came back I could hit 'next' and it would start playing. The new one doesn't like that one bit).